We had the opportunity to chat with Sydni Perry, who started touring with Carrie in 2015 and sang background vocals for the Storyteller Tour in 2016. Here is a short bio on Sydni:

Sydni Perry began singing with her family bluegrass band when she was eight years old. Just a few short years later, at age fifteen she was recording with country superstar, Patty Loveless, on Grammy nominated “Sleepless Nights” and then again a year later on Grammy winning “Mountain Soul II”, during which time she toured with Patty, singing backup and playing twin fiddles with fiddler extraordinaire, Deanie Richardson. 

CW: You're an amazing vocalist - how did you end up singing background for Carrie Underwood?

SP: "Well I've been singing in bands since I was nine years old, so it's just progressed from starting small and working my way up. I was with Patty Loveless for two years, which led me to Jimmy Fortune for five years, and now on to Carrie. I was referred to Mark, the band leader, by a friend, auditioned and got the job!"

CW: Being on tour must be pretty awesome. What's the hardest part about life on the road?

SP:"The hardest part of the road is being away from my husband, for sure. I definitely think being away from family would be the resounding answer from everyone. And finding things to do during the down time and days off. We're limited on transportation, of course, so unless there's something within walking distance, it's Uber or just stay put. But walking gives you a good opportunity to see where you're staying, so it has its perks too."

CW: Are there any venues you were super excited to sing at, or any upcoming venues you are excited to see?

SP: "I'm excited to play Madison Square Garden later this year, just because it's so iconic. Of course, the Australia trip is one to look forward to, and Alaska has been a treat!"

CW: And finally, are there any songs out right now that are stuck in your head, or any albums out you really love?

SP:"Songs out right now that I love? It's not new, Alt-J has a song called Left Hand Free that I'm in love with, along with Breezeblocks. I have no idea what they mean or what he's saying most of the time, but it's unlike anything I've ever heard so I think that's why I like it so much. I like pretty much anything Hozier puts out, he's super talented. I listen to a lot of alt-rock though, that's my go-to. Covers a wide variety so it keeps things interesting!"

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